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Bibliographical lists of sources and literature

Lists of references — the primary and secondary one, referred to as "References" - are needed for indexing publications in the RSCI, SCOPUS, and other systems.

Sources are placed alphabetically at the beginning of the list. The literature is placed below also in alphabetic order: first, publications in the Russian language as well as materials in other languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet, then publications written using the Latin alphabet. The list is not numbered.

The author's last name (in italics) and the year of publication are placed before each line in the list. This callout, used in links in the text of the article, is separated from the full title of the publication by a long dash. The list of archived sources is given at the beginning of the list. Publications in languages of other alphabets (Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Georgian, etc.) are added to the list with a shortened callout in Russian, and their place is determined by the alphabetical order in the Russian-language list. If an article contains references to different works by the same author published in one year, then they are listed in alphabetical order in the list of sources. The callout indicating the author's last name and the year is supplemented with a letter, which is also given in the link to the source in the text of the article.

The bibliographic list should include all the archives from which the illustrations are published. The captions should refer to the number from this list (see below for recommendations on preparing captions for illustrations).

The bibliographic description of books and collections of articles indicates the place, name of the publisher, and year of publication; for journals and serial collections of articles – the issue number and year of publication should be given. Articles in the list must be accompanied by an indication of their pages. For non-periodically published collections, the editor (Ed. ... or ed.- comp. ...;) should be specified.

The author of the publication is responsible for the accuracy of the bibliographic descriptions. The use of inaccurate information makes it difficult to calculate the citation index by the RSCI system.