Теория и история архитектуры. Серия сборников научных статей


The second bibliographic list is a list of references with the transliteration of non-Latin descriptions into the Latin alphabet and an indication of the translation into English if it is present in the article itself (placed in parentheses after the transliteration).

The Latin-language part of the main list is repeated in this list. However, publications in the References list are formatted differently, so the editors allow inevitable repetitions. The requirement to create a list of References is dictated by our desire to index publications in SCOPUS and other international databases. The order of publications in References should follow the order of the main list, with the exception of references that are not used in this case (this section does not contain references to archival sources). Publication positions are not accompanied by a conditional brief form as in the first list. In References, not the authors, but the main titles of publications: titles of books, collections, and journals are shown in italics. After the place of publication, the publisher is specified (in Latin for the original name, or its transliteration), and the word “Publ.” is put. The title of an article should be separated from the title of the journal by a dot; after the name of the journal, the issue and/or volume number (with the symbols vol. and no., regardless of the original language), as well as the pages (with the symbols pp., regardless of the original language), should come, separated with commas.